Premarital Conversations that Sustain Love

Being marriage can be fun and exciting. However, it can also be stressful because being marriage is a deep commitment. But, everybody wants to have a great marriage. That’s why preparing for marriage is very important. A great aspect of this preparation is having premarital conversations.

Here are important premarital conversations that will sustain your love:

Having Time for Each Other Every Day

Talk about how you will create time for each other every day before you get married. This is very important because people tend to get too busy for each other when they get married. Therefore, discuss how you will create time to hold a stress-reducing conversation every day before you commit to each other. Successful couples invest in each other every day. Start doing this at your premarital stage.


Discuss how you will be communicating and solving communication problems once you get married. Many marriages are troublesome because couples don’t know how to communicate. For instance, a partner in a marriage may not listen to the other attentively. This can make one partner feel ignored. It’s therefore important that you talk about things like turning off the TV or putting phones in a silence mode when having a serious conversation. It’s also crucial that each spouse shows interest and curiosity about what their partner wants to say.

Discuss Finances

It’s important that you talk about money management before you get married. It might even be necessary that you meet a financial planner and discuss financial management and setting of collaborative goals. Be real and open to one another regarding your existing debts and credit scores. Know whether your spouse is a spender or a saver. Also decide how you will share financial responsibilities. Know how each partner values wealth and investments as well as whether they care about retirement plans.

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